Jan 13



1. Pertubuhan Al Khaadem
2. Kelab Kiwanis Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur
3. Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah
4. Ti-Ratana Welfare Society
5. Persatuan Rumah Sayangan
6. Hospis Malaysia
7. Cancerlink Foundation
8. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amal Charis Mantin N.S
9. Lions Education Foundation
10. Pusat Perkhidmatan Al Rahmaniah
11. Persatuan Kebajikan Xim Phou Moon Malaysia
12. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Darul Ehsan Malaysia
13. Petubuhan Kebajikan Asnaf Al Barakh Malaysia

Over the years the company have been fully committed to giving back to the communities and contributing to the betterment        of our society. It gives us at Mitraland a great sense of fulfilment in continuing our quest to carry on our CSR works that will ultimately create opportunities for those in need.